“No Ban, No Wall, No Registry” Protest Sparks Salisbury Conversation

                                                                  Photos By Ricky Pollitt By Rishon Seaborn News Editor SU alumna Molly Likovich organizes “No Ban, No Wall, No Registry” protest outside […]


There’s a New Bird on Campus

  By Sawyer Cornelius Staff Writer There’s a new place to get your chicken on campus. Upon overwhelming request from Salisbury University students and faculty members, a Chick-fil-a licensed location has opened in the Guerrieri University Center.  Though it stands where Gull’s Nest stood just one year ago, the space has been updated to meet […]

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5 Things To Do In Salisbury To Get Rid Of The Rainy Day Blues

By THERESA TUMMINELLO Staff Writer @theresa_tumm In a small college town, it may be hard to find something to do when the weather is not so great. Luckily, Salisbury has some great indoor activities to help keep you occupied and entertained on a rainy day. 1. Like To Bowl? Southbound Alley is just over a mile […]


How to be trendy on a college budget

By ALEXIS GRAMATES Staff Writer Back in the day, it was all about keeping up with the Joneses. In this day and age, it is all about keeping up with the Kardashians. We have all of the latest trends available at our fingertips; as soon as we open our phones, we see celebrity news and […]

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The final chapter of Sea Gull bracketology

  By CHRIS MACKOWIAK Sports Editor @cmackowiakSGSN A heart-wrenching loss welcomes the Salisbury men’s basketball team into Selection Monday for a second straight year. On Saturday the Sea Gulls made the three-hour journey to Newport News, Va. to face their rivals for a third time this season. The 2017 Capital Athletic Championship (CAC) was fitting […]


MLAX: No. 1 Salisbury wins OT thriller over No. 6 Gettysburg 10-9

By DREW KESSLER Staff Writer @drewkessler1 Salisbury had their biggest test of the season so far Saturday afternoon when sixth-ranked Gettysburg College (2-1) came to play the top-ranked Sea Gulls (4-0). The Bullets came into Sea Gull Stadium looking for revenge after falling to Salisbury two times a season ago, 10-7 in the 2016 regular […]

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The Netflix Dilemma

By Jackie Bonola Staff Writer  Netflix and its audience both depend on new movies and shows for entertainment, despite a rotation of great, older movies cycling through its library. It is understandable that most viewers will select a movie to watch either because they have been waiting to see it, or there is a well-known […]


David Brent: Life on the Road review

By Luke Wathan Staff Writer  “The Office” is one of the best known and beloved sitcoms of the past decade. Running from 2005 to 2013, the series was a smash-hit on NBC and continues to hold a devoted following thanks to frequent reruns and its massive presence on Netflix. Unbeknownst to some people, however, is […]

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