Girls Gonna Stay Wild

By: Jamie Potter

It’s unfortunate to say, but the amount of sexism that I have seen this semester has blown my mind.

Everything from the typical statement that a girl should never have a higher body count than a guy (in a video game), to girls being called crazy for doing something then a guy does the same thing and we say, “Oh he’s just hurt.”

Sadly, a couple of the times I have brought up equality between men and women I have received some disturbing responses including, “But we aren’t equal” and “I think biologically men have always been superior and always will be.”

It doesn’t help that I’ve downloaded the app Yik Yak which is filled with all kinds of prejudices, expected for an anonymous app.
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Team Omnivore

Staff Writer


Team Vegetarian, Team Vegan or Team Carnivore.

About five percent of the United States population considers themselves to be vegetarian or vegan and markets cater increasingly more to a vegan marketplace as compared to years past.

While this does not represent a large percent of the population, the numbers of vegetarians and vegans in America are increasing.

People who are vegetarian or vegan have mentioned two main reasons for why they choose their lifestyle: health and ethics. I decided to do some research as to how both a meat-eating and a non-meat eating lifestyle compared on four different factors: health, environment, animal rights and welfare and slaughterhouse workers’ welfare.
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Locked out of class

By Jamie Potter
Staff Writer


It was a normal Wednesday and I was rushing to class as I usually do. Having picked one class from 9:00 to 9:50 a.m. and another class 10:00 to 10:50 a.m., I had ten minutes to get from the Henson Science Hall to the yoga class in the University Fitness Center.

In order to save time, I put my Gull card in my jacket pocket then proceeded to put my hands in my pockets for warmth. It wasn’t until I was turning into the U.F.C. parking lot that I realized my card had fallen out. I knew I would have to get a new one at the Gull Card Office or hope someone found it after class, but for now my main priority was getting there.

When I got inside U.F.C. I explained my situation and was told by those working the front desk that it was their policy they could not let me in without a Gull card, regardless of the circumstances. I understood that they were given instructions and did not have the power to break these rules and I respect that they were just doing their job.

But because of this I was directed to the manager. I was told again that because of their policy, they could not let me in without my Gull card no matter what. I asked if it would be possible for me to pull up MyClasses on my phone or an email from the teacher to prove I am in this class. Still, the answer was no.

Rules are put into place to maintain order and these rules generally solve more problems than they create. The Maggs Physical Activity Center and U.F.C. facilities are meant for students, faculty and staff and there is a fear that if they did not enforce this Gull card rule then members of the community would start trying to use the facilities for free.

How could U.F.C. make an exception for me without having to listen to every individual story and make this exception for everyone? For something serious, for example no stealing, the rule has to be more than a guideline. But in a situation like this, common sense should trump such a rule.

A new policy should be put in place to ensure that students can always make it to class. At a university, attending classes and learning should be the number one priority. This should be put above making sure people who aren’t students, faculty or staff use on campus facilities.

Students should be given at least one free pass. Students who lose their Gull card should be allowed one free entry. With this entry if they signed in and gave those working the front desk their information, then the next time they came and attempted to sign in there would be a record that they had already used this free pass. This would be helpful at least during the hours that there are classes within these facilities.

Another solution would be allowing students who can provide proof that they are in the class to still attend for the class period. In my case I asked to bring up my MyClasses page. I had my license on me and could have paired the two to show I was who I said I was and that I was in fact in the class. In another situation, the teacher could have come out attempting to show that the student was on the roster and they were still not let in.

A concern was brought up that if this were allowed, then what would stop students from giving their Gull cards to others who do not attend the university?

One way to make sure this doesn’t become a problem is to have people at the front desk check the I.D.s of those entering the facilities to make sure their face matches the faces on the I.D.

However it is done, a solution needs to be put in place to help students who misplace their Gullcard, which is very easy to misplace, get to the classes they need to go to. Unfortunately gym classes only allow two absences before points begin to be deducted. After this incident, I had my first absence leaving me very little wiggle room for emergencies or sicknesses.

The thing about Gullcards…



News Editor

I am about to start my second week of my sophomore year here at Salisbury University, and I am already on my sixth gull card.

Between my habitual clumsiness, my cards’ habitual lack of ability to stay in sync with the doors and a few rookie mistakes at the beginning of last year, I’ve stood no chance.  Although I’ve definitely learned how to keep better track of my card and keep it working, I can’t help but think about ways this system could be improved.

An answer to my prayers came this summer when I was talking to some family friends about their trip to Disney World.

Recently, the amusement park has introduced their new MagicBand, an adjustable bracelet that keeps track of and stores all the information one could need. It serves as a room key to let people into their hotel, a ticket to let them into the park, stores information about the wearer that was pertinent to the park, a reloadable debit card so that people did not have to carry cash and has on it the wearer’s name and ID number. Sound familiar?

This kind of technology, while trademarked by Disney, could easily be translated into something that schools like SU may use.  I understand the need for an ID card, but not having to pull it out of my wallet at least 10 times every day would eliminate a lot of the risk of losing it.  Meanwhile, having something that does everything our current GullCard does now that I would keep attached to my wrist would eliminate the moments where I get to my room  or Commons just to find out I can’t get in because my card is out of order from the barcode getting scratched or my card being bent too much.

The MagicBands look like thicker Livestrong bracelets and come in many different colors the wearer can pick from. If SU had something like this, they could keep this trend in order to give students a personal touch to their new wrist accessory, or they could put it in maroon to keep with school spirit. The look of the bracelet would allow students to wear it casually, but also take it off by undoing the straps to be stored in a backpack, purse or pocket if they are attending something more formal.

Along with being able to fulfill all the needs the Gullcard already does for us, but in a lower-risk way, these bands also give the benefit of added safety. It is no secret that the city of Salisbury is not the safest place to live and although I know my way around pretty easily now, if I’m out after dark I am uneasy and feel nervous.  These bands though, come with GPS tracking.

I know that everyone now a-days is worried about being tracked by the government and people would worry about police or the university using the trackers to be able to bust parties or invade privacy, but really the police and administrators have better things to do with their time. On the flip side, say something did happen to you or one of your friends while they were out walking. A tap into their bracelet tracker and police can pinpoint where the person is now, or at least find out where they had been that night in order to get a better idea of where to find them.

This may not be the perfect idea, and I know many people don’t have nearly as many problems keeping track of their Gullcard as I do, so there is no desperate need to fix the system already in place. However, upgrading to something like the MagicBands at Disney World is definitely something for Salisbury to think about.