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Advertising Manager                                The Flyer                                          

Clairmont Huggins                               Salisbury University

(410)-543-6058 (Office)                         1101 Camden Ave.

(410)-334-0092 (Personal)                   Salisbury, MD 21801 (Adviser Email)

The Flyer is the only student newspaper on the Salisbury University campus and is published in broadsheet format on 27.6 lb. newsprint with full color on the front and back pages.  Sections consist of News, Editorials, Sports, and Gull Life.

     The Flyer can primarily be found online at In Spring 2017, classified advertising will available on the website for the first time. A nominal fee will allow for full graphic advertisements and ad space will be offered on a selective basis.

     The Flyer is published bi-weekly during the fall and spring semesters.  The 2,000 copies are distributed campus-wide serving over 8,600 students every other Tuesday. The Flyer is a free student-run publication which covers campus and community events as well as peer-relevant issues and concerns.

Typical student readership of The Flyer ranges in age from 17 to 30, with a 2:3 male-female ratio.  Average age of readership is 22.9 years.  69.6% of Salisbury University students are not from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


The deadline for ad reservations is 7 PM on the Thursday 5 days prior to the bi-weekly issue. Cancellation can be made without penalty up to two business days after reservation date. Cancellations made after 12 noon will result in 50% charge of payment price. 


September 10th – Ad reservations due by close of business

September 12th –Final day to cancel without penalty

September 13th – Ad finalizations due by close of business

September 15th – Issue published

First time advertisers must pay in full for advertisement before it runs.  After the first run, an account can be set up for any subsequent advertising to be billed.

      The Flyer only accepts advertisements in the TIFF formatting for submitted ads.  In certain circumstances we are able to convert PDF, or JPEG files to TIFF. This request must be submitted in with your initial ad reservation, and we reserve the right to deny any requests.

Customized creative ads are available. Our graphics staff gladly offers ad creation following your organization’s needs.  Prices vary with each ad. Please see price sheet for more details.


An invoice with tear sheet, along with a copy of the issue featuring your ad (if asked upon request), will be sent within 15 days of the publish date or by pre-arranged schedule.  Advertisers with ads running consecutively may receive a monthly bill by request.  Payment is required within 30 days of receipt.

A finance charge of 1.5 % per month will be applied to the account balance for any bills outstanding over thirty days.  The minimum service charge is $1.50.

We reserve the right to refuse any ad based on prior non-payment or late payment status.

We reserve the right to refuse any ad based on questionable and/or offensive content.

We reserve the right to change our advertising rate and/or billing procedure at any time and will provide our advertisers with any information regarding such a change.


We reserve the right to designate the placement of all advertising.  While we will do our best to place your ad in a requested section, no position can be guaranteed.


Your customer satisfaction is important to us. If at any time you have a problem or question, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will do our best to rectify any mistakes or errors made in the reservation process or the ad itself.




February 14 (Ad reservation due February 9)

February 28 (Ad reservation due February 23)

March 14 (Ad reservation due March 9)

April 4 (Ad reservation due March 31)

April 14 (Ad reservation due April 9)

May 2 (Ad reservation due April 27)


All ad materials and finalizations are due Sunday by 6 p.m. prior to issue publication.










Full Page


$800.00 $730.00 $710.00 $680.00
Half Page


$400.00 $360.00 $340.00 $300.00
1/3 Page


$275.00 $240.00 $230.00 $200.00
1/4 Page


$200.00 $180.00 $175.00 $155.00
1/8 Page


$70.00 $60.00 $60.00 $55.00


Banner Ads – Front Page, Color – $250.00

Classified Ads – 20 words – $20.00; $0.50 additional words

SU Dept. & RSO Ads – 25% discount on all ads


TYPE 1 DAY 1 WEEK 2 WEEKS (Discount)
Top Banner


$40.00 $90.00 $130.00
Bottom Banner


$20.00 $70.00 $100.00
300×250 $100.00 $150.00 $180.0

SU Dept. & RSO Ads
– 25% discount on all ads


  1. How often does the paper come out? Once a week or bi-monthly?

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