The Flyer student newspaper has been serving the Salisbury University community for over 40 years. Standing as an opportunity for students of all interests, it is our goal to enlighten and inform the roughly 9,000 students, faculty and staff of SU.

We aim to not only deliver reliable news and media, but foster an atmosphere of student discussion, advocacy and involvement.


Editor-in-Chief––Samuel Stevens, mailto: sstevens5@gulls.salisbury.edu

Layout Editor/Webmaster––Sawyer Cornelius, mailto: rcornelius1@gulls.salisbury.edu

News Editor––Chase Gorski, mailto: cgorski1@gulls.salisbury.edu

Editorial Editor––Drew Lacouture, mailto: dlocouture1@gulls.saisbury.edu

Gull Life Editor––Haley Dick, mailto: hdick1@gulls.salisury.edu

Sports Editor––Chris Mackowiak, mailto: cmackowiak1@gulls.salisbury.edu

Photography Editor––Franny Clark, mailto: fclark1@gulls.salisbury.edu

Graphics Editor––Amy Wojtowicz, mailto: awojtowicz1@gulls.salisbury.edu

Copy Editor––Riley Fanning, mailto: rfanning1@gulls.salisbury.edu


Ad Manager––Clairmont Huggins, mailto: chuggins1@gulls.salisbury.edu

If interested in advertising with The Flyer, please contact our ad manager. Rates per ad vary depending on size. The price breakdown is as follows:

Full-page: Half-page: 1/3-page: 1/4-page: 1/8-page:

Page dimensions are 20 1/4in H x 11 1/4in W. All ads must be delivered electronically in a .jpeg, .png or .pdf file format. Ads may also be created (free of additional cost) by The Flyer staff upon timely request. Ads appear in full color.

Advertising options are available for print issues of The Flyer only, which are circulated on a bi-weekly basis.

Early contractual ad cancellations may be subject to penalty.


The Flyer can be picked up in all major academic and campus buildings of Salisbury University. The Flyer is free.


Letters to the Editor are welcomed and encouraged. Students, please include your name and class. Faculty members, please include your department. Letters should be no longer than 400 words. The Flyer reserves the right to refrain from publishing any text. Please email your letter as an attachment to Samuel Stevens, Editor-in-Chief, at sstevens5@gulls.salisbury.edu, or in person at Office 125W in GSU’s Student Activities Center. Deadline for submission is Friday at 5 p.m. Please email letters subjected “Letter to the Editor.”

The Flyer is published bi-weekly during the regular school year and is printed by Delaware Printing Company of Dover, Delaware. A total of 1,000 copies are distributed.

The Flyer strives for accuracy and corrects its errors immediately. If you believe The Flyer has printed a factual error, please email us.


Students of Salisbury University, regardless of major or class, are welcome to join The Flyer. As a student organization, we are committed to providing equal opportunity involvement to better the SU student experience. Join us at our weekly meetings to get started.

SPRING 2018: Sundays, 8 p.m., Conway Hall (TETC), Room 129.

If you are new to journalism, we kindly ask that you familiarize yourself with AP styling and formatting. But don’t worry, we’ve made it pretty straightforward. Please consult the link to download our Quick AP Style Guide.

If becoming a Flyer photographer interests you, please use our Pointers Guide to get started.


The Flyer is located in the Guerrieri Student Union’s Student Activities Center, Office 125W, across from Chik-fil-a. Office tel.: (410) 543-6058. If a member of The Flyer staff is not available, please see the Student Activities Center secretary or email our Editor-in-Chief at sstevens5@gulls.salisbury.edu.


ALL EDITORS AND STAFF: For information regarding The Flyer’s brand standards, as well as general web and posting etiquette, please visit the Web Etiquette Portal.