ZTA breaks relationship with local Japanese steakhouse East Moon


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Salisbury University’s Zeta Tau Alpha chapter got the boot from its 2018 winter semi-formal event last Saturday.

The social event ended abruptly after the female restrooms’ glass doorframe was shattered into pieces around 11:30 p.m.

According to Partial Owner and Restaurant Manager Jason Wang, the break in the door resulted from a ZTA member who attempted to enter the bathroom by kicking the door open with her foot.

“When someone is drunk they may be feeling this door (and they think), ‘oh I can kick (this door open)’”, Wang said. “That’s what I heard–they used their foot to kick the door so that is why the glass broke.”

Wang was not present at the time of the break, but the decision behind ending the semi-formal early was attributed to the mess.

“A lot of people didn’t want to stay here because all (of) the floor was (covered in) glass,” said Wang.

Wang also confirmed that the ZTA organization was banned from having any event at East Moon again in the future.

The restaurant had precautions in place in case a situation like this occurred, since East Moon is a popular location for university organizations to hold their formals. A safety deposit was charged before the ZTA event took place, which typically is held by these locations in case of damages.

“Everytime we host a school formal, we hold a $500 deposit,” Wang said. “The reason why is…we always have some bar or booze broken or some chair broken, so all the money is usually deducted from that deposit.”

It is common knowledge that the requirements and regulations for formals differ by organization. The rules also depend largely on the host venue; due to the fact they are not considered an official event through the university.

Wang ended his account on a polite note, adding that despite the damages done he understands that sometimes things just happen.

“It’s not exactly like they wanted to do that, I do think it was an accident,” said Wang.

The female fraternity declined the opportunity to comment on the incident.

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