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Every student wants to leave college with a well-paying job with full benefits. For Salisbury University, the feeling is mutual.

SU’s Career Services recently hosted its fall 2018 SU Government Employer Panel in Perdue Hall.

Students across all grades were invited to meet with representatives from a record 15 agencies that attended. Each agency gave a four-minute overview about its organization.

Students were able to learn about multiple opportunities they could take advantage of. Each year, the federal government hires approximately 200,000 new employees, with the average annual salary for full-time federal job holders exceeding $86,365.

The organizations in attendance included Assateague Island National Seashore (National Park Service); the City of Salisbury; Eastern Correctional Institution – Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services; Internal Revenue Service; Maryland Department of Budget and Management; Maryland Department of Agriculture; Maryland Office of Legislative Audits; NASA – Wallops Islands, Virginia; National Security Agency; Somerset County Department of Social Services; State of Delaware – Department of Human Resources; State of New Jersey – Assembly Members Houghtaling and Downey (Legislative District 11); U.S. Secret Service; U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Delaware and Maryland and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (National Wildlife Refuge System).

Senior Jordan McClung attended the panel, which was filled with students ranging from seniors to freshmen.

McClung stressed the importance of using the university event to benefit his future.

“I’m a political science major, so it makes sense to go. I [have gone] every year just to see who’s around,” McClung said. “It’s extremely important now that I’m a senior, and I have to look for a job.”

The senior added how exciting it was to personally meet with organizations he was  interested in.

“Last year and the year before that, the NSA always calls out [of the panel]. My first year I went, in 2016, they had a CIA recruiter. What made it different was that the NSA actually came, and that’s who I wanted to see,” McClung said.

McClung, who hopes to work for the NSA or the federal government in general, really believed the panel put him at an advantage over other student prospects.

The senior also advised his fellow peers to seize these opportunities and encouraged students to attend the panel next year.

It is widely known that students complain about leaving college and entering a tough job market with no job prospect insight and high student loans.

McClung rebutted these factors with tough love.

“You bring this on yourself,” McClung said. “Some people are too busy or just feel like doing stuff … this takes initiative, so hopefully more people take it and go to events like those.”

Students who are interested in working for the federal government and missed the panel, or are preparing themselves for their career in the future, can schedule an appointment with Career Services.

Advisor Gloria Horner has received extensive training on how to write resumes for the federal government.

“If you’re leaving college and complaining that there’s no jobs,” McClung said, “there is a chance you just haven’t looked, and you’ve been missing out on countless events like this, so you definitely don’t underestimate looking into the career center.”

Featured photo by Salisbury University Office of Career Services

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