Avery Street closing for renovations


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Salisbury University students, faculty and staff will not be available to utilize Avery Street due to renovations starting today, Nov. 12.

Salisbury University is partnering with the City of Salisbury to install a new pedestrian crosswalk. The new addition will span from SU’s Avery Street Parking Lot to the sidewalk on the south side of the street.

SU Director of Architectural and Engineering Services Jeff Downes believes the reconstruction will help create a safer environment on east campus.

“There is a safety issue. A sidewalk was installed a few months ago for students from the Avery Street Parking Lot to the Wayne Street sidewalk,” Downes said. “With the new crosswalk, they will now have a complete path from the parking lot to the underpass.”

During construction, Salisbury University’s Avery Street and Wayne Street parking lots will remain open.

However, the parking lots will only be accessible from Bateman Street.

The project is one of the many ways the university continuously updates the campus for the good of the students and community.

Downes came upon the idea through students. He decided the project would be an effective way to make part of Salisbury University more secure.

“We’re always evaluating the entire campus and looking for ways to make things safer,” Downes said. “A few weeks ago, for example, Student Affairs and University Police conducted a safety walk throughout campus. We have had students request a complete safe passage from the lot to Wayne Street and thought their suggestion was good idea.”

As long as the forecast remains decent, the project is expected to last 10-14 days.

This article will be updated.

Featured photo by Salisbury University’s Office of Public Relations



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