SUPD warns students to lock their cars


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SALISBURY – The Salisbury Police Department has urged students to lock their cars after multiple students were impacted by car theft.

In the past week, eleven reports of theft from motor vehicles have been reported to the Salisbury Police Department.

Areas popularly known for housing college students such as Williams Landing, The Gathering, University Orchard (UO) and Eric Davis Properties have been main targets of the crime wave.

Lieutenant David Dalfonso reassured students of the safety measures taken to control crime surrounding the campus.

“While we do not have primary jurisdiction in those areas, University Police do frequent patrol checks through there during hours of darkness due to the high volume of student residents,” Dalfonso said. “As far as precautions, students should always lock their vehicles and remove any valuables from their vehicles when parking overnight. Don’t leave anything in the interior that can be seen from outside the vehicle that might make your vehicle a tempting target.”

Seniors Alex Wood and Shannon Powell are two students personally affected by the crime wave. The couple shared their concerns for students.

“We woke up to my landlord checking in on the house on the first morning classes started. We knew the car was broken into because the middle console and glove compartment were open,” Wood said. “After checking the car, we just started looking around and realized there was a stash of purses and wallets behind the garage. Police say whoever broke into the cars, went through the wallets and purses just for the cash and left behind everything else. I just want to remind everyone to make sure they lock their cars every night so something like this doesn’t happen again.”

Senior William Bartolotta shared similar concerns from his experience in Williams Landing.

“When I went outside in the morning, I noticed immediately the car had been damaged because my door was slightly open,” Bartolotta said. “The radio head unit was ripped off, the speaker was broken and cash was missing from the glove box. It worries me this happened on my property because I thought Landing was a really secure place. I just hope it doesn’t happen again.”

Jared Artman, the property manager of UO and The Gathering, expressed how the break-ins have impacted their community.

“In regards to42131927221_f67911978b_o.jpg how our community has been impacted, I think it has made residents aware of their surroundings as well as bringing awareness to the precautions they should take while living in a heavily populated area,” Artman said. “As an additional precaution, we have put security at both properties to patrol the area during the nighttime hours. As far as we know right now, all of the break-ins are within cars that are unlocked and they have not been forced entry.”

Sophomore Jordana Oman expressed her worries about recent break-ins. but admits it has informed her about campus safety.

“I was so worried when I started hearing about the car break-ins, especially because I keep a lot of important stuff in my car,” Oman said. “But, that did made me realize I should be more careful because you never know, I even downloaded the new safety app to stay updated.”

Featured image captured by Emma Reider.

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