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Gull Cards: The lifeline of an SU student

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The first thing many college students receive or purchase is an adhesive card holder, which for SU students will become the home of their student ID, the Gull Card.

Aside from being programmed to give you access to your dorm building and bedroom, the card is automatically loaded with Dining Dollars upon choosing a meal plan. Incoming freshmen are required to choose between two plans: the Everything Plan that provides seven days a week unlimited access to the Commons as well as four guest passes and $250 in Dining Dollars per semester, and the 200 Block Meal Plan that provides 200 visits to the Commons per semester as well as four guest passes and $500 in Dining Dollars per semester.

Second, third and fourth-year students have various other options to choose from, or the option to opt out of a meal plan all together.

Dining Dollars can only be used at on-campus locations. Participating locations on-campus include:

  1. Chick-fil-A
  2. Auntie Anne’s
  3. Hungry Minds
  4. Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company
  5. Cool Beans
  6. Conway Hall satellite location
  7. Henson Hall satellite location
  8. Perdue Hall satellite location

Students also have the option to use their Gull Cards like debit cards on various off-campus locations. The website located on the back of the Gull Card directs students to manage the balance of their accounts.

Some off-campus locations in close proximity that accept money manually loaded onto Gull Cards include:

  1. Five Guys
  2. Subway
  3. Jersey Mike’s Subs
  4. CVS
  5. Checkers

The bookstore also accepts Gull Card money, not Dining Dollars.

If you find yourself spending more Dining Dollars than expected, extra funds can be loaded onto your account at any time via the link located on the back of your Gull Card.

If you misplace or damage your Gull Card, you can purchase another one for a fee of $25 in the bookstore.

Featured graphic by Amy Wojtowicz.

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