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Students tackle stress of finals


Gull Life Editor

It’s officially that time of year again when the library is buzzing with students buried under the weight of pressing deadlines and final exams.

As the warm weather is approaching and seemingly here to stay, students are spreading out across campus to soak up the sun while pushing through the final weeks of the semester. Some students choose to get outside to escape studying, but others can be found surrounded by textbooks and notes in hopes the scenery will inspire them to keep going.

Junior communication arts major Cassady Koch has three finals to complete during finals week. She prepares by knocking the smaller assignments out of the way first to leave more time to focus on the larger ones.

“Make a list and cross of everything you complete,” Koch said. “Doing a little bit of work every day has helped me as well. Also take advantage of anytime you feel motivated because you will get more work done.”

Freshman business management major Thomas Green has four finals in the upcoming weeks and plans to spend about six to eight hours total on each subject. He believes sticking to a healthy sleep schedule and taking breaks for exercise or hanging with friends are important ways for students to contain stress during this time.

As a student with anxiety and ADHD, Green shares some personal insight into how he manages stress. He encourages students to keep everything noted in their planner and try their best to organize study times throughout the week.

“Something my parents constantly remind me is to understand that as humans we often stress about things we cannot control,” Green said. “Take a step back and collect your thoughts and allocate healthy stress to the right things.”

Koch and Green both mentioned their favorite study spot on campus as the quiet section located on the third floor of the Guerreri Academic Commons.

“I usually schedule days to spend a large portion of my time in the library to truly focus on the subject at hand,” Green said. “To make these hours of silence more pleasurable, I enjoy a cup of coffee and muffin.”

By looking at the packed parking lot and filled tables it seems like many students agree that the library is a good place to get an efficient amount of studying done. Students also populate the outside seating areas located near Sea Gull Square, Henson Science Hall and Red Square.

Once students find their ideal study space and get themselves into a productive mindset the work will diminish assignment by assignment and the weight of finals will slowly be lifted.

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