Auntie Anne’s using end of semester burst to their advantage


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DINING – Salisbury University’s Auntie Anne’s is finishing out the school year strong, with revenue up by 40 percent.

However, since the pretzel chain joined Salisbury’s satellite dining program in October of 2017, they’ve been rolling in more than just revenue.

“We are up 40 percent in sales over the year prior, transactions are up 8 percent and our check average is up 31 percent,” said Owen Rosten, head of Dining Services at SU. “We are constantly looking to update for a better student experience… great costumer service, good quality of the food and fast service has been most of our feedback lately.”

When Auntie Anne’s first opened there was almost a line out the door every day.

Though that is not the case anymore, Kevin Bowes, assistant director of Dining Services, believes it is the outcome of faster service and not low sales. The business is focused on maintaining the best service for their customers.

“The crazy lines, everybody wanted to check it out but believe it or not, you watch people make pretzels and once you do it you realize it’s not easy,” Bowes said. “It takes tact and we couldn’t crack them out fast enough and what happened is our skill level got better, as our costumers got used to it so…now were able to keep up with anybody.”

As the company that finds itself within the building that houses SU’s Perdue School of Business, it would seem to be important that Auntie Anne’s would be not only succeeding but providing high quality service.

Once the adjustments were made within the store, production was able to improve and increase pace.

The feeling seems mutual. Senior Dominic D’Amico picks up a pretzel almost every day and loves the staff just as much as the food quality.

“I love Aunties Anne’s, I’ve been going pretty much since it opened and now they’re so much faster,” D’Amico said. “The ladies are really sweet and their new specials definitely help us kids eat.”

Auntie Anne’s team member Kasey Pearson agrees skill level is on the incline along with positive costumer reviews and revenue.

Pearson believes that their only problem now is the rush between classes.

“I think business is doing well, just last week we started doing specials such as thirty Thursday where you get a free drink with any large nugget,” Pearson said. “It can be hard sometimes with classes all letting out at the same time creating rushes but we always give satisfactory customer service.”

SU is just one of the 11 schools in the nation that has an on-campus Auntie Anne’s and Rosten is constantly looking at what they can do to make it better.

“We are always questioning operations, is it the right hours, time and place” Rosten said. “I can’t tell you if were changing anything as of right now, but we are always looking at them to be prepared.”

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