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Featured photo: Logue (left) looks for the face-off victory vs. Lynchburg. Feb. 10. Emma Reider photo


After starting the season 6-3, the Salisbury University men’s lacrosse team has rattled off seven consecutive wins as the No. 7 Sea Gulls await the upcoming CAC Tournament. A part of the successful run has been the possession game, particularly at the ‘X’.

SU junior face-off specialist T.J. Logue is at the initial clamp in each game for SU. The Newark, Del. native is currently seeing some of the best numbers in his collegiate career, tallying a face-off win percentage of 59.2 percent this season in 223 face-offs.

In the previous two seasons, Logue also featured in the face-off unit, working behind now graduated Duncan Campbell. After winning back-to-back national championships, Logue now has a 57.9 percent career win percentage at the ‘X’. That number goes along with 152 career ground balls and four career goals.

Currently SU’s team face-off percentage is at 60.1 overall. Alongside Logue, UMBC transfer Brett Malamphy has excelled as the season has gone on, posting a 67.2-win percentage in 134 face-offs.

This week, Logue goes ‘Under the Feathers’ to talk about his SU career and his experiences on and off-the-field as the Sea Gulls battle for another CAC Championship and a potential third-straight national title.


What are your majors/minors and career aspirations?

I am currently a finance major with a minor in communications. After college, I would really love to work as a wealth manager or financial advisor.
What made you want to play at and come to Salisbury?

I wanted to come and play at Salisbury for multiple reasons. Firstly, for lacrosse, I wanted to play here and I wanted to win a national championship, which we’ve done twice already. Secondly, the school is about the perfect distance from my hometown; far enough that I felt like I was able to get out of Delaware, but close enough that I can still see my family. Last but not least, I wanted to get a good education and be successful with my life, and I feel that Salisbury University is a great start.

Logue (right) battles for the face-off victory vs. Hampden-Sydney. Feb. 4. Emma Reider photo

What has been your favorite moment as part of SU men’s lacrosse while here at Salisbury, and why?

My favorite moments as a part of the team definitely have to be winning the national championship in 2016 and 2017. It was really something awesome to do with all my teammates and to be rewarded for all the hard work we put in.

What do you enjoy the most about your position on the field, and why?

What I enjoy most about my position on the field is how it can impact every game. I love the impact face-offs and possessions can have on a close game. I like having pressure on my position and being able to make an important play to help the team in a close game if needed.

What is your favorite part of Salisbury University Athletics or your team-environment here at SU?

My favorite part definitely has to be how close our team is. It’s great having teammates that are more like brothers. It is also nice because most of the guys on the team are business majors so you take a lot of classes together and can study together. It really has its benefits off the field.

What do you feel that you have learned about from Coach Berkman the most over your time at SU?

One of the most important things that I have learned from Coach Berkman is that effort equals outcome. The effort you put into things will determine the outcome.

How have you and Malamphy transformed your game to have such a successful run over the last few weeks?

We’ve really been working together so that each of us can have our best game possible. We each have a different style of facing off so it helps in practice and games for us to work with each other. We have also got a lot of help from our wingmen who have been awesome this year.

What is your favorite part of campus life at Salisbury, and why?

My favorite part of campus life is probably doing things outside when the weather is nice. I like playing games such as volleyball or spike ball.

Logue (left) readies himself for the initial clamp vs. Kenyon. March 7. Emma Reider photo

What are your hobbies and interests off the field?

Off the field I like to spend time hanging out with my friends. I also like playing video games as well as spending time outside when it is nice out.

Where is your favorite place to go for a meal or snack on or off-campus? Favorite food?

My favorite place for food off-campus probably has to be Chipotle. I get it almost every night before games. My go-to order is a bowl with pretty much everything and hard-shell tacos on the side.

What music do you listen to in order to get ready for game-time, or what do you like to generally listen to?

Before games I listen to a mix of different things to help me get focused/hyped up. My current playlist includes music from Gucci Mane, Meek Mill, and Kevin Gates to Rage Against the Machine and AC/DC.


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