Roseanne Barr’s problematic support of Trump


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The revival of the hit sitcom “Roseanne” premiered on March 27 while attracting more than 25 million viewers. Many of these viewers have noted that series star Roseanne Barr and her character on the series support President Donald Trump.

Everyone is entitled to their own political opinion. However, Barr’s support of Trump stands against many of her previous positions. It is also based on myths rather than facts.

This is a problem because Trump is using the ratings success of “Roseanne” as validation for him. In a speech, Trump mentioned the show’s huge ratings and said it was about us, referring to him and his supporters. He then added that the fake news hadn’t figured it out yet.

The series is now being used to fuel both Trump’s ego and his obsession with television ratings. These are certainly not issues that our president should be concerned with, but the series has given him ammunition.

Roseanne’s support of Trump is bizarre considering her prior political experience. In 2012, Barr ran for president as a candidate for the Green Party. After losing the nomination to Jill Stein, she sought and won the nomination for the Peace and Freedom Party, which is a left-wing organization.

Barr believed strongly enough in left-wing policies to run as a candidate for two political parties. She supported same-sex marriage to the extent that she tweeted that people who ate at Chick-fil-A deserved to get cancer. She has also made many statements regarding sexism and racism that reflected a left-leaning point of view.

The original run of her series also promoted progressive ideals. One episode featured the first on-screen kiss between two women on primetime television. Another episode featured two recurring male characters getting married. The revival even features a gender non-conforming grandson for the title character.

Years of progressive activism make Roseanne’s support of Trump feel like a betrayal of her ideals. The star has also failed to effectively support her current political stance. When asked by Jimmy Kimmel about her support of Trump, Barr responded by cursing at the host.

Barr also claimed on Twitter that Trump has freed victims of child sex-trafficking around the world. This story is based on information posted by an individual known as QAnon. The poster’s claims are a part of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which was debunked in 2016.

The fact that Roseanne’s support for the president has been primarily supported by a conspiracy theory is frightening. The comedienne has a larger platform now than in quite some time due to the success of her show.

Ultimately, Roseanne and Trump have more in common than many would believe. Both are known for going on Twitter rants and for having large egos. Roseanne’s tantrums have become Hollywood lore. She has also referred to Israel as a “Nazi state” and posed as Hitler for a Jewish magazine as a joke.

Roseanne’s progressive activism has been repeatedly undermined by hateful actions and statements. This explains why she voted for and endorsed Trump. However, this is still in contrast to the messages she is most known for conveying.

There are clearly millions of people who are still fans of the “Roseanne” series. The program has the power to influence more people than most shows dimply due to the size of its audience. However, every viewer should be wary of the real Roseanne’s unhinged nature, which undoubtedly applies to her support of Trump.

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