Why students should be excited for Gullfest


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The spring semester is well underway, which means it is time again for students to get excited for one of SU’s most talked about events. Gullfest is an annual concert that takes place on campus and it is sponsored by the Student Organization for Activity Planning (SOAP).

The headliners for this year’s Gullfest have yet to be announced, but with the event quickly approaching, SOAP will most likely be announcing who will be performing soon.

In the past, the concert has featured artists such as pop band MKTO, singer Jessie J., rapper Mac Miller and singer Jason Derulo.

Last year, many students felt let down after rapper Logic, one of Maryland’s own, withdrew from Gullfest at the last minute. And while performers D.R.A.M., Niykee Heaton and pop/funk band Ripe certainly put on a great show, it seems that some trust between the S.U. student body and SOAP was lost.

Many students feel that Gullfest is losing its shine, and that it future shows will never live up to those of the past.

This should not deter students from attending Gullfest this year. If anything, SOAP will be attempting to regain the trust of Salisbury’s music-loving students by hosting a concert that is bigger and better than ever before.

“[I am] excited for Gullfest because I’ve heard it was fun in the past,” freshman Haley Halvorsen said.

Even if the artists are not well known, students should be grateful that they are being given the chance to attend a concert right on campus, something that is not too common in small universities.

Complaints pertaining to Gullfest in the past are mainly surrounding the genre of music being performed. With student’s taste in music being so diverse, pleasing everyone has proved to be very difficult. But in the past, SOAP has managed to find artists of several different genres, from rap/hip-hop, pop and country.

Sophomore Sam Seelig said he cannot wait for Gullfest.

“It was a blast last year and a great way to relax just before finals,” he said.

SOAP has always made the best out of what they had. Hopefully, this remains true this year. And as for the ticket prices, it is hard to beat the low cost of a $10 ticket, something that is hard to find at any other concert venue, no matter the artist.

Sometimes, students need to put things in perspective and see just how lucky they are to go to a school that even hosts events such as these. Students should be optimistic when looking ahead to Gullfest, for that is the type of morale the school needs.

No matter the artist or the circumstances, students should just enjoy the moment spent with friends on a hopefully nice day on May 6. 

Image by Franny Clark.

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