2018 Salisbury College Life Tournament bracket


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Featured photo: 2018 Salisbury College Life Tournament bracket. Chris Mackowiak image


As March Madness consumes the week with people of all ages completing their brackets prior to Thursday, The Flyer staff decided to bring back the Salisbury College Life Tournament from two years ago.

In the below bracket, 64 Salisbury University terms, icons and places mark the contest. Each day new polls will be placed on Twitter and Facebook for a two-day period to decide what moves on to the next round.

If someone is interested in filling out their own bracket, download it from the link below in order to join in on the fun:

2018 Salisbury College Life Bracket.pdf

The regions are as follows: Dudley-Eshbach region (top-left); Quinn region (top-right); Seidel region (bottom-right); Guerreri region (bottom-left). Starting March 13, each region will have their first round match-ups put out as polls in a day-by-day basis.

In 2016, the final four came down to No. 1 Cook Out, No. 1 Summer Break, No. 12 Bury Snapchat Filters and the late No. 13 Gulls’ Nest. In a showdown of top-seeds in the championship, Summer Break took the crown as champion.

TETC won the initial play-in game, showing supremacy in the name battle on the northern side of campus.

Keep a sharp eye on The Flyer social media pages for updated brackets and the polls during the next few weeks. Below our bracket image, this article will be updated daily to include all of the twitter polls for each round. All polls last for two days.


First Round – March 13 – March 18

Dudley-Eshbach Region

The first round match-ups within the Quinn Region will occur starting March 14, Seidel Region on March 15, and finally the Guerrieri Region on March 16.


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