M.A.G.A. one year on



It has been a year since President Trump was elected, and the hysterics of the “resistance” show no sign of slowing down.

The President has made significant gains on the immigration front.

In February of this past year, the Department of Homeland Security announced an expansion of their expedited removal procedure, increasing the speed of deportation according to an editorial on The Hill’s which is a political news website.

The Trump administration has also pushed immigration judges to clear up a backlog of over 600,000 cases that have accumulated since 2009, according to The Washington Post.

Young immigrants protected from deportation will lose their work permits and other privileges in March of 2018.

The White House’s “Immigration Policies and Principles” outline, released on Oct. 8, lists the administration’s objectives.

They will continue to secure the southern border and secure funding for the border wall, return unaccompanied alien children, reform asylum status loopholes, as well as other objectives.

Pro-immigrant media has documented the effects enforcement of existing immigration law has had already.

A Chicago baker lost 800 staff after a raid, according a Think Progress report.

Reuters reported that 29 local police departments have also been deputized by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to assist in immigration enforcement activities.

The 287(g) program, downsized during the previous administration, has expedited deportations and taken some of the pressure off federal law enforcement.

The President has also made major progress combating terrorism. After his visit to Saudi Arabia, there has been an ongoing purge of corrupt officials.

Wahhabi Islam, one of the most conservative sects of the religion, has been a source of terror. Wahhabism is centered in Saudi Arabia.

This went unnoticed or was willfully ignored under previous administrations.

The lack of initiative and direction by President Trump on anti-trust and business excesses has been troubling, and the populist realignment runs the risk of devolving into generic Republicanism.

There has been at least one positive development on the anti-trust front, however, with the Justice Department filing a complaint to block the AT&T and Time-Warner merger.

Trump’s campaign and presidency has signaled a shift away from the elitist, Chamber of Commerce centered GOP of the past.

Benefits and tax breaks given to them have resulted in the corporate class sending jobs overseas, or hiring cheap immigrant labor.

Another critical front the administration has fought on is the corporate policing of free speech.

Social media sites have censored individuals based on viewpoint grounds. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai singled out Twitter in particular, a Breitbart story reported.

“The company has a viewpoint and uses that viewpoint to discriminate,” he said in a speech on net neutrality.

Pai also noted that Cloudflare (a company that provides website security services and other products), had the far right website The Daily Stormer removed from the Web.

He characterized tech companies deciding what is allowed on the internet as a “cabal.” Censorship of speech only worsens the radicalization.

Censoring sites like the Daily Stormer sets a dangerous precedent for further corporate attacks on speech, which have also affected much milder conservatives such as Dennis Prager on YouTube.

The FCC defense of free speech online, if fully realized, might be one of the biggest accomplishments of the administration.

Decentralization of media and information is critical to continue the populist insurrection. The surge must continue in the legislative branch as well.

Senate candidate Roy Moore has been attacked with allegations of sexual assault, while figures in the entertainment industry and news media are outed as predators almost every day.

The President cannot hope to achieve most of his goals alone, as the Congressional GOP is feckless at best and an open enemy of the MAGA movement at worst.

Populist conservatives are in an uphill battle now that Trump is in office.

It is easy even for Trump supporters to grow dissatisfied or angry with the administration seemingly not living up to its promises.

Media obfuscation has contributed to this. The President and his allies inside and outside of Washington must stay strong and put a stop to decades of incompetence and outright criminality.

The campaign was a series of triumphs and disappointments, ending with election of Trump.

The presidency has been no different—but victory is in reach.

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