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Five DIY holiday crafts


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The holidays can be a wonderful time of year to deck the halls and decorate your home in true Christmas fashion, and what better way to do that than with your own homemade decorations? 

For many families, the anticipation for Christmas begins around Thanksgiving when they start decorating their homes and shopping for their loved ones. 

It is best to get an early jump on your Christmas decorations, and it is even more fun to make some decorations yourself so you can personalize them and give them a unique touch. 

  1. Christmas garland. Most Christmas garland looks the same, so why not personalize yours and get creative? You can wrap your garland upon the mantle, the staircase or around your front door’s entryway. You can buy plain garland from A.C. Moore or Michael’s. Then, spray it with a can of faux snow. Wrap it with Christmas lights and tie on Christmas ornaments and/or faux flowers. You have to fluff up your garland to give it more life. The cost of this fun craft will vary depending on the length of garland and the supplies that you buy.
  2. Snowmen candles can make a great addition to any room. Supplies include white candles in glass jars ($13 for 3,, glass-friendly paint (FolkArt Enamel — $3,, small paintbrushes ($8 for 10,, ribbon ($8,, scissors ($3 each,, hot glue gun and hot glue ($10 for set,, buttons ($5 for 130,, and twist ties ($5 for 100, Paint on snowman’s face with coal black eyes, a mouth and an orange carrot nose. Tie a ribbon scarf around the snowman, under his mouth, securing each side with hot glue. Use a hot glue gun to attach a row of buttons. Fold two twist ties in half and twist the ends to make them look like arms, and glue them onto the candle, underneath the scarf. 
  3. Lanterns filled with ornaments can add an unexpected touch of beauty and festiveness to your home. This is an easy way to dress up your living room or you can hang the lanterns up outside on your porch. These lanterns are sure to light the way to you finding your inner Christmas spirit. This craft should cost about $30.
  4. Cranberries in vases is a quick and simple way to add pops of color to your Christmas decor. The bright red of the cranberries can make for an eye-catching centerpiece of any table. This craft should cost about $20.
  5. Paint Christmas sun catchers with acrylic paint. Christmas-themed sun catchers can be found at your local craft store or on Amazon. Painting Santa, snowmen and a Christmas tree is sure to put your family in the Christmas spirit. This is a perfect way to spend time with your family making art and memories. You can hang these sun catchers on the windows or on the cabinet doors of your kitchen. A Christmas sun catcher kit is $14.99 on Amazon. It will very quickly begin to feel a lot like Christmas with these DIY decorations to brighten up your home for the holidays. 

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