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Balancing Christmas and finals



Gull Life Editor

Excitement and stress are flooding through Salisbury University as the holidays and final exams are rapidly approaching. 

Students may find it difficult to get in the holiday spirit while being buried under piles of lingering assignments and stacks of note cards, but there are many simple solutions to finishing the semester strong while still being able to ring in the holidays correctly.

  1. Play Christmas music while you do your work. Listening to upbeat music will allow you to stay in a positive mood as you trudge through studying for your exams.  
  2. Getting caught up in a good Christmas carol periodically can serve as a festive stress reliever. Study in places that are decorated for the holiday season. The Perdue School of Business, certain rooms in the dining hall and Starbucks are a few places on campus that are decorated. In these spots you can study surrounded by the feeling of Christmas. 
  3. Do you prefer to study in a more private setting? No problem! Break out your pine tree or warm vanilla sugar scented candle, put on your favorite Christmas pajamas and turn on a classic Christmas movie to create the perfect holiday aura while you study.
  4. Stray from your normal study snacks and treat yourself to some Christmas cookies and hot chocolate. You can never go wrong with chocolate chip, snicker doodle or sugar cookies decorated in red and green. 
  5. Take a break from studying and have a Christmas gathering with your friends. It is important not to let yourself get consumed by studying. Give yourself a nice time to relax.

Throw on an ugly sweater, turn up the Christmas music and organize a gift exchange to get your mind off school.  

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