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Four ways to get motivated for spring semester



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There is no denying that the end of a semester can take a toll on students.

Projects, papers and presentations are often crammed into the last few weeks of the semester.  To top it all off, there are final exams! All of this work can leave students feeling stressed and burned out.

After students scramble to turn in final assignments, it is imperative that they take a break to recharge and prepare for the spring semester. They can then return to campus refreshed and ready to learn. Here are some ways that college students can keep up their motivation and get organized for the semester ahead.

  1. Use winter break to recharge and catch up. Winter break provides a welcome opportunity for students to recharge after a stressful semester. During winter break, make sure to take time for yourself, away from academic pursuits. This is a great time to pursue a hobby, watch a TV series, start reading a book or just get some sleep. While it is important to relax during winter break and arrive for the spring semester motivated and eager, winter break is also a great time to catch up. Take care of any work that you have to do or any responsibilities you may have neglected during the fall semester. This way you will not be swamped with work when you return for the spring semester.
  2. Make time for friends and family. It can be tough to carve out time to see family and friends who do not live near campus, especially if your home is hours away from Salisbury. Before the spring semester begins, set aside time to catch up with friends and family, especially those you rarely get to visit. While socialization time is often forgotten about in the wake of final exams and projects, making time for loved ones can help you arrive for the spring semester feeling recharged and socially supported.
  3. Get organized. Many students find it helpful to clean out binders, folders and backpacks at the end of a semester. This way there will not be any unnecessary clutter lying around for the next semester. Before the spring semester starts, get rid of papers from the fall semester that you will not need anymore, in order to make room for new items. It is also a good idea to keep important documents from the fall semester in a folder or other organizer. If you need them again during the spring semester, you will know where they are.
  4. Make a change. Sometimes adhering to a personal routine during the semester can start to feel monotonous by the end of the semester. The time between semesters provides a chance to change that routine. Whether it is new room decorations, a new haircut or something else entirely, making a small change can help you feel renewed for the spring semester. Some ideas include rearranging your room, joining a local volunteer organization or taking up a new hobby.

Getting through the end of a semester is tough. With these tips, you will be able to recover from the fall semester and arrive back on campus with a renewed sense of motivation, ready for anything.

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