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SU students venture into local community to make a difference


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Students from various clubs and organizations gathered in Red Square Saturday morning to participate in SGA’s 10th annual I Love Salisbury event.

Roughly 715 students were signed up to venture out to various locations around the local community to participate in yard cleanups and perform other tasks indicated by the resident, SGA Director of Civic Engagement Alex Aiosa said. This is the first time the event was not mandatory, as well as the first time students were able to sign up as individuals rather than with a club.

“In the past, it has been kind of hard to get students to come out and participate in things like this because it is on a Saturday and it’s not exactly the warmest out right now, but we opened it up to individuals so they can come out and help out their community,” Aiosa said. “Last time I checked there was about 25 or 30 individuals signed up.”

An email is sent out to residents who have participated in either I Love Salisbury or Big Event in the past to garner a list of participants for the clean-up sites, Aiosa said. Community members are also encouraged to contact the SGA office if they wish to have their yards cleaned and seek help from SU students.

“I really think that building and mending that bond between the community and the students is important so we can kind of work together because we all live in Salisbury and all call it home,” Aiosa said. “It doesn’t make sense for the community to not be at tension, but at friction.”

Girls on Top of the World, an all-girls community service organization, were sent to rake up leaves at the house of Salisbury resident Carol Kunkel. Kunkel has been participating in I Love Salisbury for three years and counting.

“I got started when they used to put the notices in the mailbox, which was really nice,” Kunkel said. “It was kind of a bad year for me, so I was happy to have the help.”

Kunkel provided the volunteers with brownies to express her gratitude for their assistance.

Kyle Bollinger, a member of the Sigma Pi Fraternity, was among the volunteers at the event. This was his second time participating in I Love Salisbury.

“Volunteering was as simple as raking leaves for a neighborhood or sorting and folding clothes into boxes for donations,” Bollinger said. “It’s not hard or time consuming work, but it’s necessary to provide our service to those who are in need of it. If anyone has spare time on their hands there’s always someone that needs your help.”

Students are not allowed to use power tools due to liability issues, but are able to assist residents in other tasks including washing windows.

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