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SU hosts annual fall dance showcase

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Salisbury University hosted its 28th annual Fall Dance Showcase Nov. 3.

This showcase featured the choreography of SU Dance Company. The SU Dance Company began in 1960 as the Modern Dance Club and has provided experiences in artistic dance forms ever since.

The dance showcase presented choreography from Jessica Hindman, Drew Yowell, Emily Lane, Amanda Ernau, Corrine Dovell, Arielle Weinstein, Marie Hils, Willow Saunders and Staci Alexander. Many of the choreographers are students involved in the SU Dance Company.

The Salisbury Wicomico Arts Council called the SU Dance Company “a consistently quality organization that dances for the community…one of the more innovative of local arts ensembles in terms of its repertoire and its use of out-of-town artist in residence.”

The dance program included music from John Kander, Chris Garneau, Woodkid, Daughter, Kimbra, Dean Lewis, Adult Jazz, Muddy Waters and Justin Timberlake.

Hannah Prouse, a triple major in conflict analysis, dance and communications, said she has been dancing for 16 years.

Prouse said she feels inspired to dance because it stirs strong emotions in people and unlocks their hidden feelings.

“I like the way that it touches people, and I like the way that we can connect with others through movement, and not just our company, but through the audience as well,” Prouse said. “It’s a really interesting way you can create change.”

Prouse said the choreographers of the showcase selected the music. Prouse felt the music was inspiring to both the choreographers and the dancers.

“The choreographers usually pick a song and choreograph it,” Prouse said. “So, it’s really whatever inspires the choreographer.”

India Whitehead, an occupational therapy major, said she started dancing when she was 3 years old. Whitehead has always felt inspired to dance.

“I think it’s just, kind of, an escape,” Whitehead said. “It takes out all of your nerves and all your emotions.”

Whitehead gets all of her emotions out through dance. Dancing enlivens her body and allows her to relieve her stress.

“We always say, ‘Leave it on the dance floor,’” Whitehead said.

Whitehead loved the songs that were selected. She thought that the choreographers did an amazing job with their production.

“I really liked it,” Whitehead said. “I think everyone did a really good job this year choreographing, and everyone was great.”

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