SGA announces election commission




SU’s Student Government Association (SGA) is introducing an election commission to run elections for their executive and judicial branches.

The goal of the commission is to not only plan and run the elections, but ramp up marketing for them.

“We’re trying to get more people to come out and vote, that’s been a recent problem in the past couple years,” Jill Scott, SGA Chief of Staff said. “A lot of people just don’t know exactly what they’re voting for.”

Projected activities include rules meetings, creating polling spaces and generating interest for the elections.

They also put a rule in place to examine money spent by candidates on campaign materials and have the right to audit a candidate if necessary.

The election will consist of 11 to 21 students selected by the SGA advisor and Director of Student Activities.

Members must be unaffiliated with any candidate.

The SGA wants to bring in interaction with other student groups through the commission, such as Commuter Connections, Honors Student Association, Multicultural Alliance and student political organizations.

They also want to have one student representative from each academic school.

Scott has also been in talks with political science professor Adam Hoffman to increase advertising. She also said she wanted to bring in the College Republicans and Democrats.

Additionally, the SGA wants to bring in SU drama and other arts students as another possible method for marketing, as well as SUTV.

Students can be anyone from the campus community however, and do not have to be a member of a club or organization.

The SGA developed the plan for the commission last spring, but did not have the time to fully implement the program.

The commission has seen interest from students.

“A lot of people have really been interested in it,” Scott said. “They’ve never really been involved in something like this with the SGA. In past years we haven’t really opened it up to a lot of people, but now we decided it’s best to open it up to the student body.”

The commission is part of a larger effort to increase student interaction with the student government.

The SGA is trying to improve its reputation among students and campus organizations, which has been a subject of debate in previous years.

“We try and fit in as much as we can,” Scott said. “We are a governing body, [but] we are still students.”

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