Arby’s on Route 13 to relocate


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The Arby’s located on South Salisbury Boulevard will be closing on Oct. 31 and shifting to a new location near Wor-Wic Community College.

The decision to open a new store on Summer Drive was made a couple of months ago by upper management.  The closure of the South Salisbury location was announced via money mailer coupons and customer receipts.

Cody Schwenk, the general manager of the South Salisbury location, says the property of the existing store was sold because it was the oldest store.

“We’re relocating our assets to the higher volume store,” Schwenk said.

Despite the location change Schwenk expects to keep existing customers.

“I think we provide good enough service and high enough quality food that regular customers won’t mind driving an extra mile and a half to get the same experience,” Schwenk said.

The decision to relocate was not influenced by the presence of nearby restaurants such as Cook Out.  Schwenk did acknowledge that the closing of the Wendy’s next door helped Arby’s out.

Though the scenario is nearly identical to what happened with the South Salisbury location of Plaza Tapatia, different people are involved with the Arby’s decision.

“We did really well this year. Cook Out’s a different clientele than we go for, so we didn’t really get messed up in their market,” Schwenk said.

Route 13 is a prolific spot for fast food restaurants. Other names in the area include Hardee’s, Burger King and Sonic. Non-fast food eateries nearby include Domino’s, Pat’s Pizzeria and Ruby Tuesday.

Despite the competition, Arby’s held their own in a glutted marketplace.

The staff currently working at the South Salisbury location will be absorbed by the Arby’s on Ward Street next to Wicomico Middle School.

The biggest change is that the Summer Drive location will serve breakfast like the other two Arby’s restaurants located in Salisbury. Schwenk sees serving breakfast as another way to provide a better service to the people.

The new location will also have more modern facilities than the South Salisbury location, which Schwenk said was built in 1970. This is the primary reason for the relocation to Summer Drive.

Summer Drive does not have as many eateries as Route 13, limiting the competition that Arby’s will have to face. There is a Royal Farms next to where the new Arby’s will be, but not much else.

The new location will be about six and a half miles away from the closing one. It is currently unknown who bought the South Salisbury property and what will become of it.

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  1. Seems like they are only thinking of themselves. Forget that the people on the south end will probably not drive over to Summer Dr or drive North to the other Arby’s. Just like them to think of only the money end.

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