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SU’s Nock finals in MTVU competition


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When 20-year-old Madison Nock showed up to a campus-wide MTVU audition looking to become a video jockey (VJ) she did not expect anything to come out of it.

On September 5, MTVU, a branch of MTV dedicated to college students, came to Salisbury University holding auditions in the Commons lobby.  Nock saw the campus bulletin email alerting students about the auditions and she decided to give it a shot.

“I honestly didn’t expect that anything would really happen, but I figured I would try,” Nock said.


Nock has been a huge fan of MTV for as long as she can remember, some of her favorite programs including Siesta Key and Wild’n Out with Nick Cannon.

Earlier this year, she put in an application for the show “Are You the One?” a dating show where contestants try to find their ‘perfect match.’ She never heard back from them, but now she has the opportunity to work with the network on up to three projects if selected as their new VJ.

She explained that she has not seen MTV use video jockeys in quite some time, but suspects that they plan on bringing it back, perhaps going for a retro theme.

Video Jockeys select songs to play and introduce them in a talk show host manner. For Nock’s audition, she chose to introduce the song “Young Dumb & Broke” by Khalid.

Nock said that she was not nervous about the audition until it was her turn to go. When the nerves hit her, she tried to focus directly on the camera, stay confident and upbeat, and most importantly just be herself.

When she auditioned about a month and a half ago, Nock knew very little about the position. In fact, Nock did not know that she was a finalist until a few days ago.

“MTVU posted a video with their twelve finalists on their Facebook page, but I hadn’t seen it,” Nock said.  “I didn’t know that they had picked me until I received an email from someone from the campus media office.”

The video that revealed the finalists was posted October 10 on the MTVU page. The finalists came from colleges and universities across the country, both large and small.

“When I saw myself in the finalist video, I was so surprised and almost taken aback. This is one of the first times that I’ve actually gone out and auditioned for something,” Nock said.

Nock was honored that she was even being considered as a finalist, especially since the odds were so slim. However, if she was to be selected, Nock says that it would mean the absolute world to her.

MTVU will be announcing their newest VJ on October 23.

Nock, a communication arts major with a focus in media production, is a transfer student who is currently enjoying her second semester at SU. She transferred from West Virginia Wesleyan College, where she was more focused on her involvement in sports.

While she is still getting adjusted to Salisbury, she loves the overall environment of the school and hopes to get more involved soon, particularly in Squawkapella, the school’s acapella group. Outside of school, she loves spending time with her recently adopted puppy, a Chihuahua and bloodhound mixed rescue.

Formerly a business administration major, Nock loves her media classes. She feels that she can better channel herself into her future career, which she hopes will be in the entertainment industry.

Nock’s previous experience in entertainment led her to pursue this as a career. She has a passion for theatre and dance.

She performed in “The Legends”, an on-cruise show put on by Carnival Cruise Lines, where she played Madonna.

Even with her experience in theatre, being on TV would be something new for Nock.

“Being on TV has honestly been a lifelong dream of mine, I think this opportunity could really kick start my career and open up other doors for me,” Nock said.

As for her advice to other students looking to try something out of their comfort zone like she did, it is simple.

“Just put yourself out there and try your best, you never know what will come from it.”

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