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Minimalism can be as simple as cleaning a cluttered shelf. The one shelf is much more organized then the other (photo by Lilly Metcalfe).

Minimalism is a trend that has taken over the United States in the last few years and it can have major benefits in one’s life. In the 1960s, minimalism was a movement started by artists who created simple forms and geometric abstractions. Today it has developed into a lifestyle, décor style and even has entered the fashion world.

Millennials are the ones who started this movement; they have made minimalism a trend. These are the same people have had to adapt to their environment as they enter adulthood: growing up in a recession, not having as many job opportunities and expenses are more than the average job earnings. De-cluttering, living simplistically and enjoying life is how millennials are deciding to cope with daily living struggles.

We live in a consumerist and wasteful world; minimalism aids in recycling, reusing and not being so wasteful by spending money on useless items. This is not to be confused with hording which causes is the build-up of too many items.

Tiny houses or van homes limit people’s ability to collect impractical items, they only need the bare necessities. There seems to be a misconception that needs addressing and that is not everyone who is a minimalist goes to the extreme of living in a small home environment to cut down on spending.

There are many people who are minimalists and do not even know it. People who clean out their closets, rooms, house are considered minimalists. Those who are aware of their spending and only purchase things they need are considered minimalists. Men and women who have a few items in their wardrobe that are multifunctional and can be worn different ways can be considered minimalists.

There is even more ways that someone can be a minimalist. People who downsize their homes from a house to a smaller house or even to an apartment can be considered minimalists. Lastly, people who chose experiences over purchased goods are considered minimalists.

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There seems to be a negative context to the word minimalism. It might be considered too extreme of an idea especially to those that are materialistic. In reality, so many people follow the minimalistic principles without even realizing it while others know it.

There are so many positives when it comes to minimalism. First and foremost, it can save someone a lot of money. When de-cluttering, donated items get to be reused and recycled. It makes homes look cleaner and fresher. Experiences will always be better than hoarding unnecessary items.

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