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Demi Lovato at her best


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Demi Lovato’s sixth album, “Tell Me You Love Me,” is a blend of pop and R&B fusion that might just be the best album she has released. She wrote this album after taking a short break from music. She was inspired to make more music again after her Grammy nomination for her album “Confident” in 2017.

In the past, Lovato has released the pop-rock and pop-punk albums “Don’t Forget,” “Here We Go Again” and “Demi.” Her latest album has a similar sound to her album “Confident,” but it is more soulful.

Lovato has been very candid about her struggles with mental health, addiction and body image. This record shows how those struggles have helped her to grow

into an activist for social change and reducing the stigma of these issues.

The song “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” is about her struggles with addiction and how she no longer even craves alcohol after five years of sobriety. Drugs and alcohol simply do not do it for her anymore, and she no longer feels sorry for herself.

Lovato’s single “Sexy Dirty Love” shows how flirtatious she is with lines such as, “You’re my new obsession/Let go of any hesitation/Baby, be my new addiction/Intoxicate me gently with your loving.” This song has an irresistible beat, reminiscent of “Cool for the Summer.” Its infectious beat, combined with Lovato’s scandalous lyrics, will surely make it a radio hit.

Lovato collaborates with Lil Wayne on “Lonely,” Cheat Codes on “No Promises” and Jax Jones and Stefflon Don on “Instruction.” These collaborations have a different electronic and rap sound that are all performed well.

Though the entire album showcases Lovato’s unbelievable vocals, her ability to hit the high notes and her fiery, passionate soul, the strongest tracks from the album are “Sorry Not Sorry,” “Tell Me You Love Me,” “Daddy Issues,” “Only Forever,” “Cry Baby” and “Hitchhiker.” All of these songs are loaded with brilliant lyrics and the music to match.

“Sorry Not Sorry,” the lead single, is the most confident, energetic track of the album. Lovato has said that this song is dedicated to the haters who discredited her and did not believe in her.

“Tell Me You Love,” the title track, sets the tone for the entire album. Lovato belts out, “Oh, tell me you love me/I need someone on days like this, I do.” The tone of this song is a passionate power ballad. It is a tone of simultaneous desperation and rejoicing.

“Daddy Issues” is the only EDM-inspired song of the album. In this powerful track, she admits where many of her relationship troubles stem from, singing, “Lucky for you, I got all these daddy issues/What can I do?/I’m going crazy when I’m with you/Forget all the therapy that I’ve been through.”

“Only Forever” is a lyrical ballad about her eternal flame of passionate love. This song has a tragically beautifully quality. Lovato admits to being a heart breaker in “Cry Baby,” and it is the most playful track on the album. Also, “Hitchhiker” has an unusual sound for Lovato. She  simultaneously expresses her mental anguish and her undying devotion for love.

Lovato is truly the best she has ever been on this album, which showcases her strength, substance of character, confidence and vulnerability. Her music is full of poetic lyrics, metaphors and strong imagery.

The Flyer gives “Tell Me You Love Me,” 10/10.

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