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As part of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, Cultural Affairs held four sessions of Bachata classes at Holloway Hall from Sept. 11 through Oct 2.

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Cultural Affairs provides students and even the community with different events that are able to give people a taste of different cultures from around the world.

Bachata is a social dance from the Dominican Republic that involves Bachata music inspired by connections in Africa and Latin America. It is done with a partner and has basic steps of a four count beat, stepping out and then back in.

In learning how to dance Bachata, one should feel the music.

“It’s a learning process to pair your feet with the music,” stated Wayne Faircloth, a Bachata instructor.

One should also dance with different partners to experience the different styles that people have to become a better dancer.

The instructors, Margo and Wayne Faircloth, first started taking ballroom dances and later got into swing dance. They both have been teaching for about eight years and wanted to give people that experience of Latin dance.

They have traveled internationally teaching people how to dance and moved down to the Salisbury area to spread the joy of dance.

“Dancing is a wonderful way to stay active, to meet people, to learn new things and it is something you can do for the majority of your life. If you can walk, you can dance,” said Margo Faircloth. “It gets you around a diverse group of people.”

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During the sessions, the Faircloths would show a movement that the class would follow. They added on more steps and by the end, the whole class would have a routine down.

It did not have to be perfect as long as everyone was having fun with it.

Tips on learning how to dance, especially Bachata, is to feel the music and dance with different partners. Never give up no matter what.

“It’s a learning process to pair your feet with the music,” stated Wayne Faircloth.

“When you find someone you can really dance with and it’s kind of like you click, it’s really like conversation. Unspoken,” said Margo Faircloth.

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