One trick pony: “The BoJack Horseman Show” season 4 review



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At first glance, “The BoJack Horseman” show seems like any other adult cartoon show, kind of like Robot Chicken or Futurama. It might not seem like a show that would be binged-watched but that is the beauty of it. BoJack Horsemen is not a static character, but a dynamic one that shows the viewers this as the show progresses over just four seasons.

Throughout the first three seasons, you are introduced to BoJack and his story of many struggles that normal people face. During the end of season three, the audience really got a grasp of how all of the mistakes BoJack’s made in his life has had an effect on his mental health. Which is an underlined topic in the show.

At the end of season three, BoJack is thrown into a dark place that has left him confused and unable to go on with his usual way of life. At the beginning of season four, it picks back up with BoJack dealing with those issues and then some.

For those who have not watched this show, the show dark and depressing yet hilarious. This is important because as much as people try to, they cannot sugarcoat reality. Reality needs to be represented as gritty and not glossed over with fake hope.

Season four throws this all on the table while being amazing. Even though BoJack is not as present as he was in the past seasons. His lack of presence was important so that the other characters could show their own personal development as well. For instant Princess Carolyn, her life has revolved around being an agent and in season four viewers see her in a new light.

Aside from Princess Carolyn, Todd Chavez also gets his own episode, finally. He really makes a breakthrough by the end of season four. Todd has been trying to figure out who he is, with not only what he thinks of himself but what his sexuality is. Most of the characters are struggling with their identity. Some characters handle it better than others.

The best part of season four was the ending as BoJack has been beat down a lot throughout the whole show but producers at last gave him some justice. In season three he could not win and his situation simply became more difficult as the season progressed. But in the very last episode BoJack makes peace with his mother. Which has been BoJack’s struggle from the very beginning of his life. Finally something good came for BoJack Horseman and it was well worth the ride.

The Flyer gives season four of “BoJack Horseman” a 9/10.

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