President Trump takes populist insurgency to field



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President Trump added a new front to his ongoing populist insurgency this weekend by urging a boycott of the National Football League. He tweeted that players must stop disrespecting the American flag and national anthem.

Nearly 150 players bent their knees during the national anthem this past Sunday according to a New York Post report.

He referred to players that refuse to stand as “sons of bitches,” and his remarks later drew a response from Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots that sports are a way of bringing Americans together.

This is an error on the part of the NFL, whose viewers are made up of the middle and working class Americans that put President Trump into office.

It is absurd that multi-millionaire players are somehow standing up for “oppression” and against the President, when they are not only multi-millionaires, and some have a criminal history.

These ersatz protests show to the Trump base that the media and celebrities, even those in sports, are hostile to American values and traditions.

Kneeling during the National Anthem is not about peaceful protest. Neither is taking down Confederate monuments. These actions are designed to attack American history, and allow the radical left to assert their dominance over the silent majority.

A Remington Research Group poll shows 64 percent of Americans agree with the President’s remarks on respecting the national anthem.

The President has also done what conservatives have utterly failed to do in the culture wars. He has gone on the offensive.

Weak, soft Republicans have only thrown up their hands and admitted defeat when the left pushed their latest social disruption, because the GOP establishment does not care about America’s interests but those of their wealthy donors.

NFL owners have shown this by acting in solidarity with their players, notably Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys (“America’s team”).

This is the episode of corporations demonstrating their willingness to promote far left politics in an attempt to paper over what they are—corporate interests unchained from any loyalty to a nation or values.

America First implies that the United States is a nation with discernable traditions, symbols, and history. The alternative, created by the alliance between corporate power and the radical left says America is just a shopping mall, inhabited by bug men with no identity.

Some Americans are showing their anger toward the NFL stunts. The Associated Press reports that national game ratings are down 11 percent.

One ESPN reporter, Will Cain, showed self-awareness to the fact that the mass media and entertainment industries exist cloistered from the rest of the US, according to a Daily Caller story.

The new #TakeAKnee trend promoted by the media is a perfect illustration of this. They are continuing to alienate Americans with these attacks.

It is ironic that this is an act of defiance to President Trump. Kneeling is a sign of submission.

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