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DIY fall crafts


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Fall is approaching, the time for sweater vests and long pants is almost here. That also means it’s time to break out our fall/Halloween decorations.

Since we are all college students and some of us don’t have the funds to go buy dollars and dollars worth of store bought decor. Here is a very simple way to have a cheap, but artsy fall doorway!

  1. Grab a friend or two and go outside and take a walk around campus
  2. Grab a variety of leaves in color,shape, and size that you like
  3. Go back to your dorm, and put the leaves into text books and press the leaves. Let them sit for a few days
  4. After a little bit take them out and paste them onto the doorway

Step One: Grab the supplies needed for the craft. Balloons, yarn, glue, and pipe cleaners. Approximately a 10-15 dollar craft.

diy crafts
Debbie Chapman images.

Step Two: Blow up one balloon to a reasonable pumpkin size. Run the string through the glue and place it on the balloon in your own pattern.

diy crafts 2diy crafts 1

Step Three: When the string is nice and dry, take a needle and pop the balloon, remove the excess pieces and all that should be left is the string in a shape of a pumpkin.

diy crafts 3.png

Step Four: Finally add the pipe cleaner to make the stem of the pumpkin and display the pumpkin in your dorm. Repeat as many times as you would like!

diy crafts 4.jpg

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