What Happened to Monday?



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“What Happened to Monday” is a new science fiction film available on Netflix that brings to light the moral dilemma humans will eventually need to face with time, and that is how to deal with overpopulation.

It is a science fiction film full of action, crime, and suspense. There were some gruesome scenes so it is not for people with a weak stomach. The science fiction elements in the film were thankfully not distracting like many movies in the science fiction genre are. The director, Tommy Wirkola, did a good job at making this possible Earth realistic and gritty even with the advanced technology depicted.

In a dystopian future of Earth, overpopulation gets out of control.  Food and resources are extremely limited and the solution is to limit every family to just one child. This means a family with siblings is a crime.

There are strict checkpoints throughout the city regulated by the Child Allocation Bureau. If they discover that anyone is a sibling, that person is sent to the “cry-o-sleep.” This is a machine that puts the child to sleep, and when the population has decreased, they are woken up to continue to live. This system is controversial because that child may never wake up and of course it challenges the ideas of free-will.

The conflict in the film arises when a woman in the beginning of the film gives birth to septuplets. They are all given names based on the days of the week. They all live as one person, being able to get to leave their shelter on the day of the week that matches their name. They each replay their days so they all are experiencing the same person’s life.

Eventually their secret gets discovered and they are hunted down one-by-one. Who exposed them and what happens at the end are both really nice surprises that were unexpected. The script by Max Botkin and Kerry Williamson was well written. Kerry Williamson is well known for being one of the writers to the movie “Alex Cross.”

The film touches upon the real concerns of overpopulation facing our cities today and a lack of resources. This is not the first film to use this topic; Kingsman: The Secret Service, Wall-E, Idocracy and more also express the true concern, how do we save the Earth? Other films leave a trace of hope for mankind, but in “What Happened to Monday” there is less hope then audiences were expecting which will be thrilling for some but unsatisfying to others. It is an eye opener that is a great watch.

The Flyer gives “What Happened to Monday?” 8 out of 10 stars.

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