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South Pole 3. Syllia Newstead

On Aug. 8, a new ice cream place opened up in Salisbury, right here on campus.

South Pole Ice Cream Roll, a rolled ice cream joint, is located at Seagull Square, 1306 S. Salisbury Boulevard. Customers get to experience this ice cream style that originated in Thailand.

Fresh ingredients are placed on an ice plate of -12 degrees Fahrenheit, which each customer can see being prepared for them. The ingredients are crushed together and then spread across the ice plate to become rolled.

The process transforms liquid ice cream into a solid, and the customer gets to choose three toppings that can go on each cup. South Pole has 12 flavors to choose from and a total of 15 toppings.

According to Maddison Adkins, a South Pole employee, the most popular flavors are Oreo Secret, which contains Oreo and chocolate syrup and Cookies N Cream.

With your first visit you receive a loyalty card which allows you to collect five stamps, one per purchase, and filling the card gets you a free ice cream.

This store, and rolled ice cream in general, are becoming a hit with many different types of costumers coming to try some rolled ice cream.

“I feel that it is revolutionary because it is going to catch on since it is something different,” Rachel Brown, senior HR Management major said.

South Pole. Syllia Newstead

Katie Latorre, sophomore, states, “It was a cool experience to watch ice cream being made,” and calls South Pole “very yummy.”

The process of turning the ice cream with the other ingredients into a solid form takes about two minutes. Based on which flavor you get, employees put a design on top while making the ice cream, an example being writing in chocolate syrup “Kiss & Tell” for the Kiss & Tell flavor.

According to their website, The style in making the ice cream was inspired by the way bartenders make their drinks; fast and addicting.

South Pole is not the first rolled ice cream place to open up, but it is the first in the Eastern Shore. There is a second South Pole location open in Ocean City, Md.

Groups from campus have already had fundraising events at South Pole.

This $6.60 cup is a gift to sweeten the taste buds.

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