Let us de-stress and go to the gym



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Everyone wants to be in the best shape they can. There are many reasons why people loose motivation in their quest for maximum fitness. However, going to the gym is one of the best things you can do for yourself in this time of stress.

For college students a common but reasonable excuse is school work. Over the semester the sheer volume of homework increases, and we students become overwhelmed with the idea of balancing grades, eating healthy and being fit, along with all of our other obligations. Going to the gym starts to take the backseat. It becomes a “maybe I’ll go to the gym” or “I’ll just go tomorrow.”

From my own personal experience when I would feel unmotivated to go to the gym I would use the gym as a way to relieve stress from all the work I had to finish. I guess running the stress off on the treadmill helped me clear my mind. I would be more focused on the work that had to be done instead of sitting in the library freaking out over whether I would get any of it done or not.

There is something to be said to those students who are able to balance school work, eating healthy and going to the gym regularly. Those students deserve an award.

It is difficult to stay motivated and you are not alone. It is hard to be self-motivated. I’ve been working on it all school year. But it all has to do with the mindset. If you can think of the gym not as a task to you have to do but something that you want to do. Going to the gym will become less of a chore and more like a ritual.

Here are a couple of tips to keep you motivated to stay in the gym:

  1. Give yourself a pep talk before and during your workout. This could be something like telling yourself “you can do it” or “just one more set.”
  2. Go the gym when you are feeling stressed. That break that you take between study sessions watching YouTube can be used more wisely.
  3. Set up small milestones/goals, and give yourself enough time to achieve them. Nothing feels better the setting a new personal record.
  4. Take a friend! find someone who can help you stay motivated. It can be easier if you do not have to do it alone.
  5. Create a gym playlist on Spotify that will get you pumped. Whatever gets you going whether it would be Hip-Hop or Rock, play it every set and never forget your headphones.

Always keep one thing in mind, why did you go to the gym? Remind yourself that you joined the gym for a reason and that you should not stop until you reached that goal. Many join the gym to loose weight, gain muscle, be better runners or just becoming the healthiest you that you can be. Sometimes they forget those reasons.

Students have a difficult time finding time amongst all the chaos, so it is always good to slow down and take care of yourself. Do not let the gym take the backseat. Take an hour long break from that research paper and liberate yourself by going to the gym.

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