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Five DIY Mother’s Day gifts mom will love

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5 DIY gifts mom will love. Alexis Gramates. Photo.png

It is far into the spring season. The flowers are out, the rain is falling, finals are coming and Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

Many college students struggle financially, so how can someone get their mother a gift to show how much they appreciate her, when they can only afford a tray at Cook Out?

  1. Plants, Plants, Plants! What mom does not love plants or things to put plants in?! A trip to Wal-Mart will do just the trick! You can buy a clay pot for $1.89, then decorate and personalize it just for your mother. If you want to get extra points, then plant her favorite flower or plant in the pot you made for her. This fun craft should be no more than $10.
  1. Candles. Any mother would love to have their own personalized candle that their child made. The only ingredients that you will need are melting candle wax, scent (if wax is unscented) and a wick. Stores sell microwavable melting wax which makes this whole craft even easier. YouTube will be your best friend when you decide how big or what kind of candle you would love to make your mother.
  1. Painting frames for old family photos. The smallest gift is usually the best and most thought out gift. Have any old family photos laying around that captures your family perfectly? Get any size canvas you desire and get to painting! You can make it as simple or as intricate as you want. When the paint dries, make the canvas like the frame for that photo.
  1. A picture is worth a thousand words. Does your mom have a hobby? Make something she can use for her hobby and think of you at the same time. For example, if mom cooks all the time, why not an apron with pictures of every good memory on it? It is very simple and cheap to buy a white apron, scan the pictures, print them on iron-on paper and iron them onto the apron.
  1. Mother’s Day in a jar. Grab a clear cookie jar and add mom’s favorite things to it. Decorate the outside with her initials or something she loves so she can reuse the jar. Inside the jar have little things she loves like shower gel, bubble bath, candles, candy and nail polish.  It is a simple gift that she can continue to use after she is finished with the gifts inside.

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