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There are four types of people on this planet: ones who leave notes when they hit someone else’s car and ones that do not, as well as safe drivers and reckless drivers.

In light of a recent accident, which involved my brother’s car being totally marked up and ruined, I realized that not everyone has the same moral compass as I do. It is understandable that the culprit was scared and did not want to have to face the responsibility to pay for the damage that they did to my brother’s car.

But then I think about the time when I did the same thing, except I accepted my fault and left a note. All I had left on the other car was a small white line. Although at the time I thought it was the end of the world, I was not sure if I should leave a note since the mark was not noticeable.

I was guilt-stricken and I returned to the car. The words “hit-and-run” made me change my mind. I opted to do the right thing no matter how minor. In the end, the owner of the car I hit never returned my call. I guess he or she blew it off.

The result of a hit-and-run is worse than paying for the damages of a car. Jail time is possible if you are caught. There is also the paranoia of knowing that other people would probably do the same thing you just did if they hit your car.

All of this really goes back to safe driving. The summer is approaching, everyone is cramming to finish assignments and study until we drop. We forget all those lessons learned at driving school.

As many Maryland locals know, we do take turn signals very seriously. Driving without using them is truly reckless because the car behind you or in front of you cannot read your mind. Maybe we do not use them because our generation is in a rush to get everywhere. I understand that we are only young once, but it only takes one second to make a mistake that could cost you your life.

Another driving courtesy is to not wear headphones while driving. Not only does it look silly, but it can block out people’s horns that are trying to get the driver’s attention.

Last of all, texting and driving is a major issue. As someone who knows a person that got into an accident while texting and driving, I can tell you that it is really dangerous and whatever is causing your phone to go off while driving can wait. Go on YouTube and look up testimonies of families affected by texting and driving. I promise you will never text and drive again.

Between being courteous, focused and aware, there is no reason why anyone should get into serious trouble on the road. Sure, accidents will happen, but there is no excuse for a hit-and-run or a bad accident to be part of anyone’s day.

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