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May flowers bloom stuffiness: How to handle Spring sickness

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The flowers around campus bring more than just a pleasant view. Photo by Theresa Tumminello.

The blooming flowers outside may look pretty, but they come at a pretty dangerous cost: increased pollen and sickness.

With pollen covering almost every inch of everything and the temperature changing daily, you may start to see an increase in allergies and people stuck inside with the flu.

If you find yourself catching the flu or a bad case of allergies, there are many things you can do for yourself to feel better.

Drink lots of liquids

Keep your body hydrated. Juice is great for your immune system and gives you some flavor in your day.

If you do not like juice, try green tea! says, “Green tea contains compounds called catechins, which are able to boost the immune system’s ability to fight the flu.”

Your body is on overdrive when you are sick and is working extra hard to get the bacteria out, so be sure to treat it right with lots of fluids.

Try to eat something

Food not only gives you energy, but also can make you feel better. Hot items such as soup or cold items such as ice cream can help sore throats.

Be mindful of the food you eat while you are sick. Healthy foods are the best because they have nutrients that can boost your immune system and make you feel better. If your stomach is upset, try some light snacks such as crackers or pretzels before moving to substantial meals.

Take over-the-counter medicine

Medications such as Advil, Tylenol, NyQuil/DayQuil and cough medicine will not cure your sickness, but they can help minimize the intensity of the symptoms. Be careful not to mix too many, as the side effects can make you drowsy, nauseated or even more sick.

If medication does not help after a few days, visit the Student Health Center here at SU. Getting a professional opinion can help diagnose and pinpoint the problem, with suggestions for recovery that the internet may not have.

Breathe in steam

Whether it is a hot shower or a bowl of hot water, steam helps to loosen mucus, which can make you feel less stuffy.

Along with making it easier to breathe, steam improves blood circulation, restores color and opens up your pores. It is an easy home remedy that requires very little effort.

Take it easy

Being sick can be really exhausting. Give yourself time to rest.

If you do not have an important lecture or exam in your classes, take the day off. Grab a box of tissues, a warm bowl of soup and cuddle up under your favorite blanket.

Sleep allows your mind and body to rest, giving you more energy to fight the flu. Do not feel guilty about staying in bed all day, because sometimes your body just needs a day to reset.

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