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Senior art displays in Fulton Hall gallery

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The 56th bi-annual Senior Art Exhibition, “Transcendence,” opened on Tuesday, April 4. Salisbury University’s graduating art students have their work on display in the Fulton Hall art gallery.

art gallery photo
Fulton Hall art gallery, photo by Theresa Tumminello

Senior students worked together to plan and orchestrate two different shows. The Fine Arts show is open now until Saturday, April 22 and the Graphic Design show runs from May 1 to May 20. Each show has an awards reception where artists present their portfolios and interact with others in the industry.

Using their specific track, each student chose an overall theme for their work. Elizabeth Kauffman, professor of the Senior Exhibition course, notes that this show is looked forward to every year and is always changing with the different skills and techniques of each graduating class.

At this time, pieces in the gallery range between photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, mixed media and more. Students display their best work encompassing themes close to their heart, including photographs of nature, sculptures of animals, self-portraits, mystical creatures and character drawings.

Rachel Price, majoring in fine arts with a concentration in glass, created a series of three photographs that used steel, iron and glass on female bodies to depict body dysmorphia. Throughout her work, she wants to bring awareness to mental illnesses and show support to those who may be struggling with body image.

“I feel as though body dysmorphia is not as well-known and often overlooked, and it is not always tied with eating disorders—it can lead to them,” Price said. “I wanted my photographs to show the impossible beauty standards set by the media and how this leaves an unrealistic impression on girls at a very young age.”

With the help of Rise Up Coffee on campus, Katherine Mellos, majoring in fine arts with a concentration in photography, used her love of coffee to create a series of photographs showing the process of producing coffee from start to finish. She shows the steps in coffee making by capturing moments of movement from the grinding of coffee beans to the pouring, serving and drinking of the beverage itself.

Another student, Chris Foreman, majoring in fine arts with a concentration in glass, created characters frozen in time influenced by pop art. Fusing together glass and steel, his work includes four figures on display in the gallery.

These are just a few of the many pieces featured in the “Transcendence” show. Students can stop by before April 22 to see these creative pieces for themselves, and visit May 1 through May 22 to see the Graphic Design show. The exhibit is housed in Fulton Hall 109 and is free to the public. The schedule can be found on the University’s website.

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