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Spring: The worst of the seasons


Staff Writer

It is that time of year again. We are  in the midst of the season that many people dread despite its beauty. Spring has sprung and the human race is paying for it. However, there are ways to make this predicament more bearable.

The accumulation of pollen from plants cover everything in a horrible snot green color. Not only that, it is a human’s immune system’s worst nightmare. Allergies target people of all ages, race and gender. They ensure that there will be repercussions when going outside during the spring season, including but not limited to: coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose and dry or itchy throat.

The weather is horrible because of its unpredictability. It is often cold in the mornings, yet extremely hot during the afternoon. Buildings are either blasting the air conditioner or still using heat because people are unsure what is needed.

When it begins to consistently be nice outside, the average student becomes very unproductive. The classic dilemma that they face during this season is whether they should go to class/study or take a trip to the beach to enjoy the weather.

Once it begins to get warm out, the bugs come out of hibernation. Mosquitoes are naturally everyone’s least favorite, and the millions of ants that invade their homes in search of food are so hard to get rid of.

The largest problem the Eastern Shore faces is gnats, fruit flies and drain flies, which can all seen around the Salisbury campus. They are frustrating as they land on belongings and are impossible to kill.

However, there is hope! There are ways to survive this spring season.

The student wellness center located at Holloway Hall has free allergy medicine available. It comes in a little brown bag and includes salt to gargle, cough drops and some allergy medication. Medication will help with symptoms, but also make sure to clean air condition filters and dust. This will help reduce the amount of pollen that can further impact allergies.

Enjoy the weather when you can! Study outside or take a break during the day. To deal with cold mornings, wear a sweater that you can take off.  It also will be helpful in cold, air conditioned rooms.

There are many ways to treat a bug problem, such as sprays, traps and bug bombs. There are natural remedies for flies that could be cheaper. Get a bottle (like a Gatorade bottle or water bottle) and fill it up with either apple vinegar or alcohol. Cover the opening with clear plastic and seal with a rubber band or hair tie. Poke small holes in the plastic and then wait. The flies like the sweet smells from the vinegar and alcohol and once they get into the bottle they won’t be able to find their way out and will die.

Spring is a storm that we all must endure before the great season of summer liberates us from its evil. This is why it is important to know how to weather this storm in the best way possible.

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