No Haters: SU Celebrates Stop Hatin’ Week



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Salisbury University’s Student Government Association (SGA) hosted Stop Hatin’ Week on April 10 as a way for students to join together.

SGA Vice President Cearrah Sherman explained the initial purpose of this campus event.

“Stop Hatin’ Week was basically started to promote diversity and inclusion by saying stop hatin’ on our differences as far as cultural background to opinions and interests,” Sherman said.

To promote the event, different organizations came out to create a banner for Stop Hatin’ Week on April 6.

Though the banner painting was not in the official week, it helped to prepare for the following events. They are hung up in the middle of The Commons on display.

Each day presented a theme of unity through different events in which students could participate.

The first day’s event consisted of Family Feud in the Wicomico room; just like the game show with Steve Harvey, students were asked questions about Salisbury University. The first 100 people to attend received a free shirt.

April 11 followed with Tie Dy-versity, where students were able to create their own tie-dye shirts and receive a free “Stop Hatin’” shirt as well.

This activity highlighted the process of adding different colors together to make a beautiful shirt and used this action as a metaphor for different people coming together as one.

Wednesday kicked off the Love is Louder event. Shirts said, “Love is louder than __” and student were able to fill in the blank themselves.

Sophomore Ashley Lewis wrote on her shirt that love is louder than hate, saying that “it is better to love one another than to be hateful.”

Students also had the opportunity to post their response on social media platforms. SGA encouraged students to post what they thought onto Instagram with #LoveisLouder and #StopHatin.

Senior Peyton Reynalds shared her thoughts on the event.

“I like the fact it gives people the chance to say love is louder than something,” Reynalds said.

The Thursday event consisted of guest speaker Carlos V. Davis, and the topic of his presentation revolved around the title, “We is Greater than Me.”

“[SGA] noticed that there is a lot of separation between students here, whether it is race, organization, religion—anything like that,” Sherman said. “We just want to be a united force in the University of Maryland system.”

The speaker gave an interactive presentation that focused on teamwork building and Salisbury being a united campus.

Lastly, Friday concluded the week with an African Dancers & Drummers performance in Holloway Hall. The Southeast, Washington D.C. group provided a unique educational experience for Salisbury.

Stop Hatin’ Week gave people a “chance to try to come together and try to understand what other people are going through right now, even if they are not directly going through it,” Sherman said.

The intention of this week was to host events where people could relax before Easter and enjoy the spring weather.

“I felt like [SGA] definitely tried their best to get everyone to [go] to them and talk to them about how they felt,” Lewis said.

Sherman expressed SGA’s vision to help achieve a more unified student body.

“Student Government Association’s goal is really to be the liaison between the students and the faculty and the staff,” Sherman said.

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