Alternative Spring Break – NOLA Photo Gallery



*Photos taken by Brianna Tiedeman, Samantha Beck, and Caroline Cottingham


Keota Silaphone(advisor) and Tyler Calloway(senior) make progress on house number 1’s roof.


Okay ladies, let’s lay this foundation. Caption by Brianne Ognibene (Graduate student). Shout out to Tyler Calloway and Cody Arigo for being the two  male students on the trip.


24 SU Students arranged by Volunteer Center GA Samantha Beck travelled to New Orleans to work with mission groups, contributing to the hope rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.


New Orleans is known for the Mississippi River, also called The Big Muddy.


Upon arriving in New Orleans and attempting to drive in the city, the students came across incredibly construction of gaping holes in the roadways.


Brianne Ognibene (grad student) and Volunteer Center GA Samantha Beck collaboratively tackle house number 1 in the upper 9th ward of New Orleans. The 9th ward was one of the most effected neighborhoods during the flooding in 2005 and is 50 percent rebuilt.


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