Commons Hacks: Sea Gull’s guide to a satisfying meal in SU’s dining hall


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As the spring semester reaches its halfway mark, it seems only logical that students with on campus meal plans are starting to feel the loll and repetition of Commons.
Going to Commons once or twice a day, or even a few times a week, and having the same, usual options every time can get boring and may drive students to Gulls Nest.
But those dining dollars won’t last forever.
So SU students are left with one burning question: what can we do to get a better meal in Commons? But what these students fail to recognize is that there are many different meal possibilities with just a little effort.
The only “problem” with Commons is that many students are not aware of the hidden treasures, or “hacks.” Here are a few flock favorites:

   For Breakfast
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel
You need:
•   Omelet (with bacon and cheese) from Kozy Kitchen
•   Bagel from Kozy Kitchen
Go to Kozy Kitchen (the deli station where you can get sandwiches and wraps made) and ask for an omelet with bacon and cheese. Cut the bagel in half with the bagel cutter and toast it at Grain Chain (the cereal station). When the omelet is ready, put it on the toasted bagel.

   For Lunch
Buffalo Chicken Wrap
You need:
•   Strips of fire/chicken tenders from Gold N’ Crispy
•   Hot sauce from Gold N’ Crispy
•   Bleu cheese dressing/ranch dressing from the salad bar
Go to Kozy Kitchen and ask politely for a wheat/white wrap with your chicken tenders and dressings. Add tomato and lettuce at your own discretion,

Chicken Caesar Wrap
You need:
•   Chicken breast from S.S. Grillers
•   Caesar dressing from the salad bar
Take the chicken and dressing to Kozy Kitchen and ask for a wheat/white wrap. The best cheese choice would probably be provolone but you can switch it up if you prefer. Feel free to add tomato and lettuce for the full effect.

   For Dinner
Veggie Quesadilla
You need:
•   Corn from Platos Plate/Roastery
•   Black beans and kidney beans from the salad bar
•   Green peppers and onions from the salad bar
Take all of this over to Kozy Kitchen and ask for a wheat/white quesadilla. Add cheddar and or pepper jack cheese. Chicken is optional but the best way to top this off is with barbeque and chipotle mayo, which is available at the condiments tables.

Asian Noodle Salad
You need:
•  Roman lettuce
•  Cucumbers
•  Green peppers
Head over to Bistro where Asian noodle salad is available on the left side. It may sound strange, but all surprisingly goes great together, especially on the nights there are egg rolls.

Steamed Cheesy Vegetables
You need:
•   Broccoli/vegetable of choice from Platos Plate/ Roastery
•   Shredded cheese
Go to Bistro or Dorchester to microwave the cheese on top of the vegetables for roughly one minute for some delicious steamed and cheesy vegetables just like mom used to make.

   For Dessert
Rootbeer Float
You Need:
•   Rootbeer from Quenchers
•   Soft serve ice cream from between Kozy Kitchen and the salad bar
Fill a red cup up with ice cream and then add root beer from the Quenchers drink station for a 1950’s treat.

•   Milk from Quenchers
•   Soft serve ice cream from between Kozy Kitchen and the salad bar
Fill a red cup with up with ice cream and then add milk. Use a spoon to mix it and add toppings from the cereal station or parfait station.

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Commons:
•  There are oatmeal packets right next to the drinks section
•  Whole wheat and white bread can be found at the cereal station
•   Old Bay is located next to Gold N’ Crispy
•   Microwaves are in both Dorchester and Bistro
•   Lotsa Pasta always has breadsticks
•  There is a large selection of hand scooped ice cream in Bistro
•   The yogurt parfait station has great toppings for ice cream.
•   Peanut butter is located at the condiments unit in between Bistro and the Marketplace
•   Fruit from the salad bar goes nicely with yogurt or ice cream
•   Be sure to check the Commons menu online because there are constantly special events happening in Bistro and in the Marketplace.

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