Oh deer: Counting down the best Yaks from Monday:

By Jacob Troxell


After a deer crashed through a window in GUC, caused chaos in Fireside lounge and was eventually put down because of its injuries Monday afternoon, SU students took to Yik Yak with every kind of deer joke or pun in the book. Here are the 10 best jokes The Flyer could find:

(WARNING: #1 includes a picture of the dead dear.)

10.)  Starting off slow…
9.) It’s the new movement?

8.) He/she would be better than Mac Miller….

7.)  Now we’re getting somewhere

6.)  Yeah, you’ve gone crazy looking for it at least once.

5.) Dude…just let the deer in the party. 
4.)  False advertising?

3 A & 3 B  It’s a tie…

2.)  Nice guys finish last

1.) Don’t mess with Sammy the Sea Gull…


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