90 years of SU

By Reed Shelton

Staff Writer

Salisbury University is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, and over those nine decades it has grown from a small, rural college into a Maryland University of National Distinction.

Fred Kundell, professor and chairman of the chemistry department, is SU’s longest-serving current employee. He began his career at the university in August of 1970—46 years ago—and has witnessed first-hand the growth of SU.

“It’s gotten a whole lot bigger, and I don’t mean size alone,” Kundell said. “I knew every faculty member, their wives and their children when I came here, and we’ve lost that now. We’re just too big for that. But at the same time we have more programs and more to offer the students. It’s a big improvement.”

Despite the significantly smaller size of SU, when he began teaching at SU, Kundell sometimes had a classroom size of up to 120 students. These days, SU offers more sections and smaller class sizes.

“It gives the students a whole lot more freedom in scheduling,” he said.

SU first opened on Sept. 8, 1925, with 105 female students hosted in Holloway Hall—the only classroom or dormitory building on campus—and catered to by a mere eight faculty members and a single librarian.

Last year 8,770 students studied 56 graduate and undergraduate programs at SU.

SU Physical Plant Program Management Specialist Debra Bailey began working at SU 43 years ago at the age of 22 in the Admissions Office, making her the second-longest serving current employee at SU.

“As I tell people, I’m 65 years old and I could have retired after 30 years of service,” Bailey said. “But I still look forward to Monday mornings.”

“Some people say, ‘yuck, it’s Monday, I have to go to work,’” Bailey said, laughing. “When the time comes where I don’t look forward to Monday mornings, maybe then I’ll make a change. But that doesn’t seem like it’ll happen soon.”


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