Overheard: If money weren’t an issue, what would you do for spring break? What are you actually doing?

“I would go somewhere warm like Mexico. I am actually going to Myrtle Beach for break.” – Maddy Kryger, sophomore
“If money weren’t an object I would go to Rome. I’m going to spend break reading Twilight as research for a paper on gender roles in vampire fiction.” – Mary McKernan, sophomore
“I would go to Cancun. For break I am going to be working a lot.” – Noelle Wolfrom, junior
“I would love to go to Ibiza. I am actually going hiking in South Carolina, the beach in Florida, or working on my Honors thesis.” – Katherine Stout, senior
“I would go to Cuba because trade just opened up there. I will be going home and enjoying time with my family, and going caving with the geography department during break.” – Landon Grove, junior

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