Zipcar now offering Salisbury University “Wheels when you want them”

BY REED SHELTON Staff Writer @ReedAShelton In a bid to expand the campus’ environmentally-sustainable practices, Salisbury University has partnered with Zipcar, a low-cost car-sharing program. Getting behind the wheel of a Zipcar has been streamlined into a few steps. An SU student (or faculty or staff member) submits an online application to verify their age […]

Salisbury connects with Syrian refugees

BY  DARBY JOYCE Staff Writer The immense struggles facing refugees from war-torn Syria has been broadcast around the world as pictures of overcrowded boats and drowned children have gone viral on the Internet and countless news channels as they flee to countries that are opening their borders to them. But as moving as the photos and […]


Fall Fashion

BY PHOEBE KOLESAR Staff Writer Socialites, style icon celebrities, supermodels, fashion bloggers and big name fashion designers all gathered in the heart of the concrete jungle this past week showcasing designs that have been in the works since last spring. This annual phenomenon is known as New York Fashion Week, or NYFW. The Snapchat Live […]

Planned Parenthood: Monster or Savior?

BY  RILEY FANNING Staff Writer Recently, cries to defund Planned Parenthood (PP) have emerged. It’s been depicted as a monstrous organization, lurking in the shadows of immorality, lying in wait for the arrival of pregnant woman to have their unborn children dismembered and sold. The misinformation and witch hunt needs to come to an end. There is […]

Dining Hall Disaster

BY  KATHERINE  REINHOLD Staff Writer Salisbury University students may have noticed a few things that have changed about The Commons Dining Hall. Some of these changes include the large TV screens at the entrance and inside The Marketplace, minor food changes and the separation of trash and utensils at the tray return. These changes are […]


Gull Jams: Fetty Wap self-titled album review

BY DREW LACOUTURE Staff Writer Seven months ago, New Jersey hip-hop artist Fetty Wap graced the world with “Trap Queen,” a stroke of pop genius that peaked at number two on Billboard’s top 100. This success was followed by three other singles all leading up to his self-titled debut album, which is catchy, but suffers […]


Five easy ways SU students can be environmentally friendly

BY JACOB TROXELL Editor-in-Chief @trox3 With our planet losing species and temperatures and sea levels rising, campuses around the country are striving to be more environmentally friendly. Salisbury University has committed to sustainability in their master plan and aims to cut energy usage over the next 15 years, eventually leading to climate neutrality by 2050. […]

SBY Muslim finds comfort amidst tragedy

BY SHANNON WILEY News Editor @TheShannonWiley      More than 700 Muslims were killed, as well as 800 more injured, in a stampede of worshipers one week ago during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.    However, this tragedy has not discouraged the faith of many Muslims.    This year’s stampede caused the most […]

SU celebrates Hispanic Heritage

BY SHANNON WILEY News Editor @TheShannonWiley The show, based out of Argentina and Uruguay, boasts itself as being “one of the most dynamic, elegant, exciting and sensuous performances touring around the world, sharing the cultural essence and evolution of tango through the art of dance and music.” This year, the show was awarded by Latin ACE as […]

Republicans Polarizing 

By Kobi Azoulay    The Republican party is dividing, and House Speaker John Boehner’s announcement that he will be resigning from Congress at the end of October is a sign of how deeply divided it is.    In recent months, Boehner has been critical of his Republican colleagues who try to push their agenda with […]


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